Route planning

Sales territory is a volatile environment in which the potential and opportunities change every week. The goal of field teams is to cover the territory as much as possible and be always in touch with POS regardless of any internal structure changes and staff rotation.

We are able to solve the issues of interaction between the territory and the sales team. For this purpose we offer the following services and solutions:

Assessing Territory Potential

Using statistical data, such as population density, target consumer groups, purchasing power, to evaluate and develop the territory in the prospect of efficient use of sales team resources.

Balancing the Territory

Understanding current capabilities of the territory we find the optimal balance to designate the whole territory by days and sales representatives. To do this, we use our own developments in the field of applied mathematics.

Optimizing SR Routes

For optimal time management we designate the territory for each field employee as a part of his daily route. We use our own mapping service, which ensures the data relevance under the conditions of rapidly changing territory infrastructure.

Controlling and Adjusting Routes

Using modern mapping services we provide a simple and intuitive tool for controlling the planned routes and making adjustments on-the-fly.

Using these services will allow to:

  • Increase territory coverage
  • Carefully manage working time
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Optimize field team line-up