During the last few years the scale of promotions in the FMCG market has changed quite a lot. Due to efforts to control the buyers companies invest huge amounts of money for implementation of promotional activities. The number of various actions in the networks has reached such proportions that it is becoming progressively difficult to determine whether a particular activity can be successful.

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According to Nielsen, promotional sales reach 30–50% with six out of ten promotions turn into a waste of money for producers. The main reasons for poor promotion performance are the lack of control, lack of an integrated approach to planning, poor quality of result analysis and issues with effectiveness calculation. We have created PromoTool solution, which provides a qualitative approach to promotional management, covering all required steps of work with promotional activities.

PromoTool solution functioning


Promotional activities budgeting, detailed planning and coordination at all levels


Plan/actual analysis, ROI calculation, data visualization and report generation


Control activity execution, creation of targeted programs for store-checks, promotion implementation results reports

PromoTool solution integration benefits:

  • Control of investments in sales promotion at every stage of promotion activity launch
  • Reducing labour costs and human factor involvement in promotional management
  • Optimization of planning, consolidation and agreement process
  • Search and development of the most effective promotional scenarios
  • Tracking promotional sales for analysis and forecasting
  • Evaluating effectiveness of investments in promotional activities
  • Increasing returns of investments in promotions

When developing PromoTool solution we paid great attention to provide a highly customizable promotional planning (over 100 parameters), as well to obtain a maximum benefit from synergy with SalesWorks Enterprise solution to enable field teams to control and manage promotions in POS. Our solution is based on fast and flexibly customizable platform, ensuring rapid solution adaptation and customization for specific customer’s needs.

PromoTool solution is one of the fastest growing products of our company and meets all requirements of the market leaders.