OLAP systems

“You can manage what you can measure” (c) Just collecting the data is not enough to be able to manage the process. Nowadays, any company accumulates millions of data strings that should be converted into a structured information. Only after that the analysis is possible with further correct decisions.

Data Facts and figures which are not organised in any way Analytics Processing Information Categorized, calculated and condensed data Knowledge Know-how, experience, insight, understanding

SalesWorks Enterprise covers the entire cycle of information flow management from data acquisition to sophisticated business analytics.

The solution allows you to:

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Normalize master data to a common format, using deduplication, data cleaning and validation methods
  • Control the correctness and completeness of data
  • Build operational reporting system for all sales team levels (including mobile reporting)
  • Use powerful features for information visualization and interactive dashboard creation

Using high-quality data, you can use more complex analytics for quick decision-making, finding root causes, analysing trends and identifying hidden patterns.

For this purpose SoftServe Business Systems offers its customers free OLAP-cube in the basic version of SalesWorks Enterprise with more than a hundred metrics.