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    Manager is usually in a constant search for new opportunities and tools to increase sales. It’s always possible to increase the coverage, invest in additional advertising and promotions. Sales can be increased also by using the administrative means to enhance employees’ motivation.

    Alternatively, it is possible to increase the salaries of employees, but this type of motivation works only three months. Are you willing to raise salaries every quarter? Seriously, are you ready? Please, give your contacts, we want to work in your company:). In today’s world of sales some completely different approaches exist to enable the performance higher than the targets set. Having game designers and engagement experts in our team allows us to solve the problems of non-financial motivation of field staff.

    [art_yt id=”XzvUCBm8J50″ wvideo=”” hvideo=”” position=”center” urlvideo=”undefined” namevideo=’Gamification at the Company’ desc=’How Gamification in the Company works ‘ durationmin=”” durationsec=”” related=”false” upld=””]

    Using game mechanics your field team will over-fulfil all their tasks because of:

    • high engagement in the workflow;
    • continuous non-financial rewards for correct actions;
    • focusing on specific immediate goals at every stage of the working day and visit steps at each POS;
    • competitive excitement in individual and team competition;
    • generation of positive emotions and endorphin rush.

    We effectively combine field staff work in SalesWorks Enterprise business solution with motivational program, having the visual design like of any game legend, constantly motivating the employees to do the right things.

    We record and analyse all personnel actions for continuous improvement of the motivational program and formation of habit to do the right actions.

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