Fraud Detection

After the integration of solutions allowing to retrieve data on the secondary sales, FMCG companies are moving to management of sales force performance using this data. And the system of secondary sales is the basis for calculating the distribution and trade marketing bonuses, as well as staff bonuses. However, it is necessary to maintain partners disciplined in terms of the data transmitted and monitor the budget expenditures for partner and employee rewards.

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We offer fraud detection service (being part of Predictive Analytics) to determine the different types of unfair bonuses/compensations, which are not appropriate by the customer policy. We take into account all possible criteria, such as periods' closing dates, bonus scales for sales team motivation and etc.

Service features:

  • Search for suspicious transactions by customer, sales team, POS in any time interval
  • Sales history analysis for suspicious subjects
  • Evaluation of manipulation types and their classification
  • Tracking critical values of the parameters
  • Visualization of critical deviations

This service is being constantly improved. It uses methods of machine learning, statistical models and other predictive analytics capabilities to find the most exotic algorithms of unfair cooperation.