Sales Forecast

Competition between producers in the market of consumer goods has reached such proportions that the capability to easily adapt to any changes is one of the main indicators of success. And even now it is possible to determine what your business is going to be tomorrow. Companies operate with large amounts of data, which with proper processing can be a good source to find patterns and possible scenarios for development of various processes.

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SoftServe Business Systems focuses on using predictive techniques of any complexity. With us you will be able to:

  • Prepare high-quality sales forecasts for production, which will allow to reduce the amount of expired products, minimize the costs associated with the production and procurement of raw materials;
  • Plan the delivery process, ensuring the right amount of products in POS and reducing out-of stock;
  • Forecast new products launch at POS;
  • Develop scenarios of promotional activities in networks;
  • Generate short-term sales forecasts for operational decision-making;
  • Take the right and timely decisions, using existing scenarios for development of various business processes.

High-quality forecast is the competitive advantage of your business that will allow you to be always one step ahead.