Due to highly competitive environment, FMCG market develops very dynamically. The specifics of the market require a rapid response to changes, as well as continuous staff training. The additional difficulty lies in the fact that the field personnel rotation level in emerging markets is about 30% per year. The companies that use modern technologies and keep in mind the vital importance of development and systematic training become the market leaders and drivers.

SoftServe Business Systems in synergy with other solutions offers to use a corporate training system, which will enable you to:

  • Quickly prepare new employees for their positions
  • Provide training content
  • Increase proficiency level and reinforce the knowledge on a regular basis
  • Evaluate knowledge and skills

Training system implementation will enable you to:

  • Carefully manage expensive human resources
  • Create and use a common knowledge base
  • Implement uniform training standards
  • Quickly adapt new employees
  • Effectively use features of IT solutions through systematic functional training of employees.

We have the extensive experience and expertise in the creation of training systems and content and will gladly help you in training your staff.