Effective Sales Process

For the modern FMCG business — Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the basic foundation for building an effective system for promoting products to a consumer and quality area and field team management. The solution affects employees` motivation, provides sales growth and profitability. Choosing the right solution sets a vector for business development and increases its competitiveness.

SoftServe Business Systems together with the world`s FMCG leaders are working in the area of automation and optimization of the sales business processes for over 15 years. During this time we have become experts in building an effective system of goods promotion. By combining the best practices of our customers, FMCG innovations and development trends, we have created a comprehensive SFA solution — SalesWorks Enterprise™.

Client Management

Create a customer database with customer segmentation features, browse through customer cards before making a visit, actualize data for quality area management, analyse sales history, monitor receivables.

Routes and visits

Plan routes for sales agents and monitor their compliance. Analyse field team visits: time spent in POS and travel time, efficiency of the visits, GPS-supervision.

Reports and analytics

Analyse sales data using appropriate detailing, measure achievement of planned targets, analyse dynamics of key performance indicators of the field team, visualize data by creating convenient reporting forms.

Orders generation

Generate an order with a mobile device while visiting POS. Via the SalesWorks Enterprise™ a sales agent can enter an order on his own or navigate to the “recommended order”.

Key features of SalesWorks Enterprise™:

Activities in POS

Track the work quality in POS by using questionnaire functionality: analyse distribution and product range, shelf share, price and quality of products, additional shelf space and POS materials. Evaluate competitors` promos and activity.

POS materials
and equipment

Monitor investments to equipment and goods promotion tools. Sales agents` Mobile devices include accounting features for POS materials and equipment, and fixed assets count.

Products management

Form a complete hierarchy of products in the SalesWorks Enterprise™ by creating SKU priority lists, novelties and promotional products, carry out Price segmentation of your brands, form price lists.

Sales team

Set tasks to your sales agents and monitor their fulfilment, send notifications to your employees` mobile devices with daily priority tasks.

Intuitive, Unified

design of all components.

SalesWorks Enterprise ™
implementation allows you to:

Increase sales growth and improve efficiency of your field team:

SalesWorks Enterprise ™ supports the sales process at each stage of the sales agent`s visit, provides quick access to all necessary information, helps to increase activities in the fields due to automation of routine order and questioning processes, as well as provides continuous monitoring of your team`s activities.

Gain customer`s loyalty:

SalesWorks Enterprise ™ allows a field team to carry out quick and high-quality preparation for a visit, analyse the history of relations with a POS, keep customers` cards, efficiently transmit an area, build own behaviour strategy with a POS based on its category and priority.

Discover new possibilities in the work with POS for promoting your products:

continuous points` monitoring for compliance with quality standards will allow you to win the “golden shelf”, increase brand awareness, place equipment and additional shelf spaces in best locations, stimulate consumers to buy exactly your product.

Take right decisions based on qualitative data:

obtaining correct data on sales and main KPIs of the field team in real time, as well as the use of BI-systems will help you to make timely and correct decisions about the development of your business.

Increase profitability of your business:

SalesWorks Enterprise ™ implementation will help you to efficiently use human, time and material resources. Control of investments for equipment, reporting automation, optimal areas coverage with necessary number of people, reducing the time spent for work with POS contribute to reducing unnecessary costs, while improving performance of your investments.