Automation of merchandising

Retail, as a quickly and dynamically developing structure, forces producers to use progressively more advanced methods to promote their products. In the environment containing huge variety of brands it is no longer that simple to make the final consumer to buy your product. Shelf space becomes a place of struggle for the consumer’s choice. Shop assistants have a minimum effect on sales in large supermarkets and self-service stores. But your influence as a producer, on the contrary, has a high value. Getting consumers to notice and buy your product rather than the competitor’s product can be made by means of correct implementation of merchandising.

Modern FMCG companies understand that if they are not able to build the right merchandising, all subsequent methods of sales promotion and trade marketing activities simply do not make sense.

Having huge experience with FMCG market leaders in the field of building sales processes, we have created a SalesWorks Merchandising solution. The solution allows to promote your products in POS with the highest effectiveness possible.

Key features:

  • Assortment management (including work with commodity stocks, novelties, OoS, top-SKU)
  • Shelf work (including compliance with shelf space standards, monitoring of the shelf share, facings control, product quality control and FIFO)
  • Price audit
  • Customer relationship management
  • Monitoring competitors` activities
  • Controlling POS materials and additional shelf spaces
  • Field team supervision and motivation
  • Immediate feedback from POS

SalesWorks Merchandising solution fits both for producers and agencies and is a robust platform that ensures data integrity and business process continuity.

In addition to reliability, particular attention is paid to innovation. We develop new technologies of digital merchandising (augmented reality, photo recognition, intelligent shelves) for fast and cost-effective analysis of the situation at POS.

SalesWorks Merchandising solution will allow you not only to surpass consumer expectations at POS, but also to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers.