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Distribution automation

When building the distribution system each FMCG company is interested in a quality and efficient information exchange process with its partners. However, the needed data quality is difficult to achieve. A large number of accounting systems represent a major barrier for obtaining the correct data on secondary sales in real time. Also, this issue is relevant in emerging markets, where distribution processes are yet to be formed and everything is greatly influenced by the human factor.

Having expertise in the integration of the various accounting systems and as vast experience in the creation of highly sophisticated distribution systems, SoftServe Business Systems has created SalesWorks DMS (Distribution Management System) solution with the following features:

  • Sales data collection from the distributors’ accounting systems
  • Workflow automation
  • Control of accounts receivable
  • Pricing control
  • Control of residues and OoS
  • Analysis and evaluation of the distributors’ efficiency
  • Setting objectives for distributors and monitoring the execution process
  • Evaluation of coverage and maintaining a high-quality database of POS in the system

The main criteria for successful launch of distribution automation systems is data quality. By integrating SalesWorks DMS we provide a broad set of data monitoring and quality control tools, such as: cross-checking, finding abnormalities and unwanted dependencies, period end closing, data integrity and structure control. This helps us to achieve the desired result of completeness and correctness of data, and for the customers to receive high-quality data to work with.

When making partnerships with distributors we also help them to check the correctness of the process of products’ and contractors’ accounting, as well as inventory accounting. SalesWorks DMS solution is a scalable platform for further development of the entire sales system and automation of the field team.