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Data Deduplication

Unlike B2B industry, most FMCG companies have to supply their products to dozens of thousands of points of sales. When interacting with such an enormous amount of customers one of the key success factors is to have a high quality POS database, containing precise, detailed and relevant information on each customer. But the main problem is also that the customer data is provided and used by the third parties — the distributors.

As a solution we’d like to offer our deduplication service, which allows to:

  • Normalize address information in POS database
  • Recognize POS geographical coordinates
  • Eliminate any duplicated information in your customer database
  • Verify availability and validity of the key POS attributes

By using our service you will get the following benefits:

  • Always up-to-date POS database
  • Proper sales analysis
  • Effective management of sales channels
  • Target audience attraction for promotions
  • Normalization of address and location data
  • Ability to view the actual coverage, as well as the “black holes” in it — the potential growth areas.