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Data Quality Services

Decision-making is based on the collection, careful analysis of data and expert conclusions. But it is critical that the data itself was provided in time and have the required quality.

And unfortunately very often at this point some factors arise that affect the data quality, such as:

  • Human factors
  • Hardware/software failures
  • Integration errors
  • Changes in external systems

Understanding the nature of these factors and root causes of their occurrence, we are very serious about the quality of data and pay much attention to quality control. During the process of integration of our solutions we control the data structure at format level, as well as referential integrity and database normalization. At the same time we check the availability of all data for the entire period. In addition, we also work with a variety of logical tests, such as cross-checking and verification by indirect indicators.

Thanks to these actions, as well as data period closing functions and automatic data retrieval from accounting systems, we are able achieve the data quality at the level of 95-99%. Our customers are provided with daily prompt notifications about the data quality, change dynamics, and can monitor the complex indicator of data quality. The whole set of measures allows our customers to build a transparent system of data quality control and ensure that any business decisions are based on high-quality and reliable data.