The supplier of TM Samsung computer equipment and mobile devices on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. For the customers of SoftServe Business Systems it provides mobile devices (PDAs, tablets) for the SalesWorks mobile trading system under special terms.

The world-renowned manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories. The supplier of hardware (PDAs, tablets) for the mobile module of the SalesWorks sales representatives automation system under special terms.

One of the world`s largest companies producing computers, laptops, server hardware, storage devices and networking equipment. DELL is one of the main suppliers of computer equipment for the SoftServe company.

The manufacturer of the worldwide popular home appliances and electronics. The supplier of mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile devices for SoftServe Business Systems customers, which are used for automation of sales representatives` and merchandisers` work

The SoftServe Company repeatedly became the Microsoft Partner of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Gold Microsoft Partner, winning the Mobility Solutions category with the SalesWorks solution for mobile commerce automation.

The supplier and integrator of ERP-systems for commercial, trading and industrial companies. Exclusive distributor of SalesWorks mobile commerce automation system on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.